Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Elimination Diet Meal Ideas

It’s bland and boring, but it’s low in fructose and fructans
  • eggs – fried, boiled, scrambled
  • bacon (look at ingredients find something sweetened with sugar or maple syrup),
  • hashbrowns (check ingredients for type of oil used)
  • ham mixed into a scrambled egg or on the side (again check ingredients on ham that it’s sweetened with sugar)
  • fried potatoes (a safer option then hashbrowns)
  • # oatmeal/porridge– can use oats or oat bran, cooked in water, add a small amount of lactose-free milk when eating
  • GF pancakes with margarine or butter or topped with an egg
  • #oat crepes/wraps* – filled with egg, bacon and/or ham
  • GF bread* or toast
  • plain cheerios # (this is if gluten intolerance is not suspected as cheerios are made with oats and have wheat starch added)
  • GF bread* or toast
  • oat wrap* with:
    • okay lunch meat
    • mayonnaise and chicken/turkey
    • egg salad (mayonnaise, egg, salt)
    • tuna salad (mayonnaise, tuna, salt)
  • rice paper wraps (usually found in the Asian food section of the grocery store) with same as above – we often put two “papers” together to make a firmer, easier to hold wrap
  • soup
    • fry ground beef, chicken, turkey, add salt and water, bring to boil, add rice or white rice noodles
    • cook chicken pieces in water with salt for a couple hours, remove meat and add to broth, add bit more salt, bring to boil, add white rice noodles
  • pasta salad
    • use white rice noodles, cook until done, add tuna, mayonnaise, salt
This list may seem short, but you can make potatoes in a variety of ways as well as use a variety of meats to keep things a bit more interesting
  • white potatoes
    • cooked, mashed, baked, french fries (watch ingredients if getting store-bought)
  • white rice
  • white rice noodles – check ingredients carefully, most gluten free rice noodles are made with brown rice.  Look for rice sticks or vermicelle in the Asian food section, these are white rice AND much cheaper then rice pasta, these also come in various size that can be used in soup or like spagetti
  • non-processed meat seasoned with salt and pepper
    • steak,  unseasoned roast, ham (check ingredients as these are usually seasoned but often with okay ingredients), pork chops, whole chicken, chicken legs/thighs, unseasoned chicken breasts (usually you have to buy the fresh kind to get it unseasoned), turkey, venison, ground beef, chicken, turkey, pork, etc., fish, seafood ….etc, etc.
    • meatloaf – mix together 1lb ground beef, 3/4 cup oatmeal, 1 egg, 1/2 cup lactose-free milk or water and salt – bake in oven at 350 for 45 minutes
  • fried rice
    • fry ground beef/chicken/turkey, add salt, add cooked cold white rice, fry together until warm, can also add scrambled eggs to rice mixture  (later you can fry in some tolerated vegetables)
  • Confetti Rice
    • mix 1 cup instant white rice, 1 can of canned ham, chicken or turkey, salt, with 1 cup water, microwave for 10 minutes, sprinkle with grated cheddar cheese if desired, microwave another 1-2 minutes  (later if able to tolerate peas and/or green pepper you can also add some of these)
  • boiled egg
  • plain potatoe chips
  • toast with margarine or occasionally cheddar or cream cheese
  • GF pancakes – make small cookie size pancakes, add some margarine for extra flavour  or a sprinkle of sugar
  • GF cookies – store bought ones are hard to find that are not made with brown rice or unsuitable sugars
  • meringue cookies
  • GF crackers – Glutino makes crackers with white rice
  • water!!!  Drink lots!!
  • kool-aid made with 1/2 amount of sugar
  • green (decaf) tea or rooibos tea
  • ice tea (homemade, not storebought)
  • powder Gatorade - (some premade kinds can be okay, but it is not always clear if they are made with HFCS, whereas the powder form is made from sugar and dextrose)
  • limited amounts of lactose-free milk
  • egg whites/meringues*
  • pavlova*
  • jello (not sugar-free, use regular) in small servings
  • homemade popsicles – made with kool-aid or mix kool-aid and jello
  • ice pops (check ingredients – in Canada these are made with sugar and dextrose)

*recipe to follow in future posting
# avoid if you suspect gluten intolerance

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  1. Thanks for this list, it really helped me when I came to making my own suited to my intolerance's. Keep it up!